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If you are between the ages of 5 - 18 years, love singing and performing, and want to broaden your musical horizons - then come SING with us!  Our next audition date will be Tuesday, September 6th.

Visit our Choirs page for more information about the various choirs of PMCC.


Teenies (Ages 5-6) and Tinies (Ages 7-8): No formal auditions will be had for these introductory divisions, but rather a meet and greet.  A great attitude, with the ability to listen and follow instructions, is key. All Teenies & Tinies are encouraged to try out the choir for a few weeks after which the staff will determine those that are eligible to continue.   There is a $25 audition fee for each singer. You can pay by cash, cheque made out to PMCC, or e-transfer to manager@pmcc.ca.

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Juniors & Seniors (Ages 9-18): please come prepared to:

  • Sing "Silent Night" OR "O Canada" while being accompanied by the piano,
  • Complete a short music literacy / theory assessment. This is to determine which music literacy class your singer will join.
  • Pay the audition fee of $25/child which can be paid by cash, cheque made out to PMCC or e-transfer to manager@pmcc.ca.


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For more information, contact Cheryl by email at manager@pmcc.ca or by phone at 604-703-4763.



You will be emailed about the results the week following your vocal assessment.

What We’re Looking For:

A high degree of motivation: A child who is exceptionally keen will likely make a fine contribution to the choir.

A good musical ear: The singer needs to be able to distinguish and match sung pitches. The ability to read music is an advantage.

A pleasant voice: The director will assess the child’s voice potential in terms of resonance and breath support.

An ability to read language: Children who have difficulty in reading language or have little interest in literature will likely experience limited progress as singers.

Good physical health: Rehearsals, performances, concerts, recordings and tours are very taxing, therefore good health and stamina are necessary.

Self-reliance: Children who lack initiative and self-reliance will experience frustration in this type of choral program.

Social skills: Children need the social skills necessary to enjoy working with and relating to other children, and taking direction from directors.

Long-term commitment: In order to receive the maximum benefit from singing in the choir, your child should plan to be part of the choir for at least a few years. The social, emotional, and musical benefits from singing in a choir will be most evident after a few years of singing.