Where Singers Belong

Our Missions & Values

Mission Statement

The Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir and its conductors are committed to training and motivating children to pursue musical excellence, thereby glorifying God and inspiring joy in the hearts of singers and listeners alike.

Birthed in the rich heritage of choral music within the Mennonite church, the foundation of the PMCC is built on a commitment to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The founders of the choir believed that each singer would be inspired and trained to use their musical gifts for the glory of God. The founders and directors of PMCC hold to an unwavering belief that each child has unique gifts and potential, and is capable of developing vocal and musical excellence through choral music.

Vision Statement

Through a joint partnership between the choristers, their families, the Board of Directors, staff and the communities in which they belong, the Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir’s vision is to:

Provide opportunities to pursue excellence and experience the challenge, joy and reward of choral singing of the highest calibre.

Develop musically through exceptional choral instruction, performances, touring, festivals and recording.

Build community within the choir encouraging personal development, social growth, friendships, respect, and accountability.

Foster partnerships to build and sustain the choir financially and musically.

Maintain financial responsibility in order to foster growth in all areas.

Be ambassadors both home and abroad.