Where Singers Belong


Welcome PMCC Alumni!

As past members of the Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir, we are pleased to invite you to join the newly formed Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir Alumni Association. The driving purpose of the PMCC Alumni Association is to connect alumni to each other, to choristers, and to the PMCC organization, enabling them to impact the community through nurturing excellence in musicians, young and old. This will be accomplished through:

Investing in each other by providing opportunities for building relationships, lifelong musical learning, and career and community connections.

Investing in students by providing mentor relations and networking opportunities.

Investing in the organization through building scholarship endowments, attending concerts, and financial support.

The vision of the Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir Alumni Association is to build community among PMCC’s alumni worldwide, to deepen the bonds between alumni and the PMCC Organization and to serve both PMCC and its alumni.


Joining the PMCC Alumni Association comes with several benefits, including:

  • Alumni Association Events
  • Networking Opportunities with Other Young Professionals
  • Connect with PMCC Friends
  • A chance to invest in PMCC

Please join us on Facebook under the group name Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir Alumni.

We invite all members of the Alumni Association to reflect upon their time in PMCC and donate to the chorus, enabling future generations to enjoy the rich choral experience in PMCC. We would love to have the alumni cover all the costs of the spring concert this year. If every alum gave just $25 we could sponsor the concert and provide valuable support to PMCC’s Financial Assistance Program.

To give a tax-deductible donation, please visit the PMCC Donation Page.